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Authentic Flavour Till Last Bite

The taste speaks for itself, it feels right out of the kitchen the moment you take the first bite, simply authentic!

Anisha Sharma

IT Professional, Bangalore

Superb Shelf Life

We make sure to have any one of their product always in our shelves, must must have in your kitchen if you have a sweet tooth.

Abhishek Kapoor

Manager, Global Bank

Good Sturdy Packaging

I always keep travelling for work and hence keep one box, even opened in my suitcase, and they are completely travel friendly.

Gaurav Singh

Design Head, New Delhi

Best Pricing & Quality

In this price point and the portion sizes, this is a must have brand if you love authentic Indian Sweets.

Monikaa Rawat

Housewife, Lucknow

Always On Time Delivery

Perfect store if you are planning for last minute gifting, they always deliver on time and never miss those crucial happy moments.

Rahul Ohri

Marketing Head, Punjab

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